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My Journey

From 120kg accountant to health and nutrition fanatic.

My journey from a career in accountancy to a career in food and nutrition is surprisingly straight forward. In 2011 I had an encounter with a guy on a night out in Cork City. I mentioned that I had seen him in the gym a few times to which he responded “There’s no chance you were ever in the gym”. Little did I know that this guy would plant the seed that would eventually lead to the creation of Parallel Nutrition!
Fast forward to the end of 2012. I had completed my degree in Finance, my MSc in Corporate Finance and had the grand intention of making it big in London or New York, eventually earning for my 1st million! However, I had finally begun to get fit again.

After that run in with my ‘friend’ I had caught the exercise bug. Whether it was out of being embarrassed in front of my friends or wanting to prove this guy wrong I began to regularly go to the gym and start to look after myself again. The interest in training grew, getting fit, eating better and improving my general health slowly became a bigger focus. I moved to Dublin in September 2012 and began work in PwC and trained every morning or evening or sometimes both while continuing my studies and eventually qualifying as a Chartered Accountant.
Towards the end of my 4-year stint I was now at the stage where I had shed 35kgs, was training 5-7 sessions per week and was also meal prepping religiously every Sunday to stay on top of the busy schedule during the week. I had started meal prepping for a couple of friends, when one suggested I should pursue it as a business as I might be onto something. So, I had a quick scan of the industry to see what was out there and was the demand there. While all of this was going on I had also began studying to obtain my certification with Precision Nutrition so that I could better understand how to now guide other people towards their health and nutrition goals, whether big or small. Slowly but surely the meal preparation and delivery grew and I decided that after 4 years, having qualified as an accountant, that I was going to take the leap and dive head first into making something that had begun with “There’s no chance you were ever in the gym” into a fully-fledged business where not only am I providing advice and guidance on how to achieve your goals, I am also able to provide the food to help you stay on track. From something that began as an interest in getting fitter, shedding a few pounds and showing this guy that I do look after myself, I discovered something that I am incredibly passionate about, always looking to learn more about and constantly striving to improve both my health and fitness. This passion was something that had been missing for a few years and so Parallel Nutrition was born.

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