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Nutrition chat with Crossfit Perpetua Coach James Rankin

Back in July 2018, I ran another iteration of the group nutrition challenge in Perpetua Crossfit Dublin where over a 4 week period we dialed in the nutrition of a group of 30 members and also 1 coach. That coach was James Rankin.

James has been coaching in Perpetua for the past year after moving down from Derry where he had been coaching previously. He took part in the month long process where we focused on the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle i.e. a well balanced plate of food, the importance of sleep, hydration, mobility and exercise along with many other areas that all mashed together make up a healthy lifestyle.

For those of you that know James and follow him on Instagram (jamessrankinn), you will know that he is partial to a picture of his food and his love of beetroot is second to none!! That aside, while he eats healthy for the most part and certainly knows how to fuel performance, he took part in the challenge as there is always room for improvement, whether it is in food choices, portion control, weekend binges or even sleep, hydration or mobility work.

After the challenge finished James had dropped over 2.5% body fat while gaining lean muscle and dropped over two inches off of his waist and hips measures. Balance and consistency in both nutrition and training trumps everything.

So after the final measures I sat down and had a quick chat with him on why he took part as well as what he took from the 4 weeks. It is short and sweet but when the answers are straight forward there is no need fill it out with a load of bulls**t!


Why did you take part in the Nutrition Challenge James?

In my opinion, having some accountability is super important. Regardless of what level you are at answering to somebody and knowing they are checking in with you can be the focus you need.

As a coach, how do you feel nutrition impacts the progress of your clients and the members of Perpetua that you work with daily?

I place a huge amount of value on the basics of nutrition and it is something that I go over with them time and time again. Getting the basics right is the foundation for progress. The hour that they spend in the gym everyday can only do so much. The rest i.e. their nutrition will dictate their results, or at the very least the pace at which they see their progress.

When working on plans with people, what do you focus on?

Simply put…. finding a plan that is sustainable. One that allows you to enjoy your food and be creative.

What was the biggest takeaway from the 4 weeks that we worked together?

That regardless of how well I think I am eating, there is always room for improvement. This is why nutrition is important for any and all levels, from beginner all the way through to Crossfit Games athletes.

If you had to sum up the nutrition challenge in one sentence for me what would you say?

Fun with a main focus on finding a sustainable way to eat that can be repeated after the challenge finishes!


As we discussed, it doesn’t matter what level you are at, everyone has room to improve. If you are looking to join a gym, get fit and are down around the IFSC in Dublin then contact James ( and get started on your fitness journey! The man knows how to coach!!


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