Take Your Time – Eat Slowly

The typical day: Wake up in the morning, race down the stairs, grab a coffee and run out the door with your piece of fruit or some breakfast on the go and eat on the commute to work. Busy day at work, so you grab a sandwich or your lunch you managed to prepare the night before, eating it at your desk while responding to emails, answering calls or eating it on the run between meetings. [bg_co... Read More

Nutrition chat with Crossfit Perpetua Coach James Rankin

Back in July 2018, I ran another iteration of the group nutrition challenge in Perpetua Crossfit Dublin where over a 4 week period we dialed in the nutrition of a group of 30 members and also 1 coach. That coach was Jame... Read More

My Journey

From 120kg accountant to health and nutrition fanatic. My journey from a career in accountancy to a career in food and nutrition is surprisingly straight forward. In 2011 I had an encounter with a guy on a night out in Cork City. I mentioned that I had seen him in the gym a few times to which he responded “There’s no chance you were ever in the gym”. Little did I know that ... Read More

Why you should set goals

Goals range from small to large, short term to long term, work goals, family goals, educational goals, fitness goals, the list is endless. Sometimes you don’t even realise that you have set a goal, big or small e.g. I will get this report finished by 11am, I will meal prep for the next 4 days tonight, I will finish my degree and qualify as a doctor/vet/nurse/accountant (me in a... Read More