How It Works

Our Business Model

In a nutshell, we partner up with gyms and offices and deliver pre-made meals to these locations!

We release a brand new menu every Wednesday morning.

We cook twice a week & deliver twice a week (Mon & Wed) – to make sure you eat our meals at their freshest.

Do We Deliver Direct To Customers?

Currently, no.

We’re a small operation, growing steadily, with huge focus on our product. We do have every intention in the future to get our meals nationwide.

Who Eats Our Meals?

Our customers are typically frequent users of their respective gyms or employees in an office block who value the convenience of our service.

Well, How Do I Sign Up?

Super easy.

  1. Click the Sign Up tab
  2. Register Details
  3. Pick Your Meal Plan (easily changed)
  4. Select Your Weekly Meals
  5. Collect & Eat!

…And Payment?

Payment is a weekly, recurring payment automatically taken after order deadline (provided you have not put your account on hold).

If you forget to put your account on hold and do not order for the week, the money is taken out of your account but can be refunded straight away so please reach out and we’ll refund immediately!


Partner Gym – Wrapped for Each Location